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Cocktail Making


1:20 pm PST

2:20 pm MST

3:20 pm CST

4:20 pm EST

5:20 pm AST


the Wonderful World of TerpeneS

Andrew Freedman the Cannabis Sommelier

takes us on a journey to explore the vastness and complexities of terpenes.

More info in progress

Join us for a fun Virtual Networking

Architectural Structure


7:00 am PST

8:00 am MST

9:00 am CST

10:00 am EST

11:00 am AST


Wes Sam of Nations Cannabis 


Gray Structure

2:20 pm PST

3:20 pm MST

4:20 pm CST

5:20 pm EST

6:20 pm AST


Summit opening virtual Networking event

It's 420! Jeff Ord hosts

The Roll Call events are a great way to break the ice and meet industry professionals in a virtual world. Listen, share, collaborate like never before in this new virtual networking experience.

Desert in Dark

7:20 am PST

8:20 am MST

9:20 am CST

10:20 am EST

11:20 am AST


C45 Address:

Message from the C45 Board - Brigitte Simons

Fog and Nature

8:00 am PST

9:00 am MST

10:00 am CST

11:00 am EST

12:00 pm AST

Vendor Qualification: John Simon QnR

My Dang, Karina Lahnakoski (Deloitte) 

  • supply chain vendor qualification

  • raw material → processor → final product

  • vendor auditing

  • validating inputs such as amendments 

  • nutrients, equipment, genetics

Light Bulb

7:30 am PST

8:30 am MST

9:30 am CST

10:30 am EST

11:30 pm AST


Aurelia Jellyfish

9:00 am PST

10:00 am MST

11:00 am CST

12:00 pm EST

1:00 pm AST

EXhibitor spotlight

Abstract City Lights

9:10 am PST

10:10 am MST

11:10 am CST

12:10 pm EST

1:10 pm AST


Risk, Representation, and Results: Anu Manduraga and Michael Ciardullo

  • Batch sizes and risk

  • Consequences of operating with a sample methodology

  • Best sampling method for cannabis and why

  • 2.0 products sampling

  • Impacts on testing

  • Challenges and consumer market

  • Equipment and training

Pipetting Samples

10:10 am PST

11:10 am MST

12:10 pm CST

1:10 pm EST

2:10 pm AST

EXhibitor spotlight

Magnified Grass

10:20 am PST

11:20 pm MST

12:20 pm CST

1:20 pm EST

2:20 pm AST

Sanitation & Cleaning+ Environmental Monitoring

Setting up for success Troy Henderson (Virox) Sherry Lawson (Keystone Labs) 

  • validating your sanitation and cleaning programs and products 

  • testing your water (if your water is a problem, you are spreading the problem when you clean) 

  • air, and surfaces for microbial counts, locating and fixing hotspots.

Black Soil

11:20 pm PST

12:20 pm MST

1:20 pm CST

2:20 pm EST

3:20 pm AST


Soil 2 OIL


11:40 pm PST

12:40 pm MST

1:40 pm CST

2:40 pm EST

3:40 pm AST

Preventative Control Plan

Sylvia Chong (Fountree) and Tom Ulanowski (Next Leaf)

  • Implementing a plan and validating the plan

  • Edibles, topicals, and extracts manufacturing need risk assessments, 

  • Gap analysis, 

  • Amendments that need PCP, why are batch records needed

Machinery in a Physics Lab

12:40 pm PST

1:40 pm MST

2:40 pm CST

3:40 pm EST

4:40 pm AST

Cannabis irradiation

Myths, Truths, and Remediation - Gordon Dobrindt (Sterits)

  • What is the impact of eBeam

  • Gamma irradiation and pasteurization on microbial counts 

  • Quality of product form the consumer standpoint

Reach the Top

1:35 pm PST

2:35 pm MST

3:35 pm CST

4:35 pm EST

5:35 pm AST

C45 Summit


Summary of the day, what's next, closing comments

Join us for DAY 3

Pebble Beach


8:00 am PST

9:00 am MST

10:00 am CST

11:00 am EST

12:00 pm AST

The Cannabis Act Review with Dave Brown

David Brown and the regulatory committee of the C45 Association

present proposed changes to regulations.

Join us, let us know what you think needs to be changed?

Blurred people mingling

9:00 am PST

10:00 am MST

11:00 am CST

12:00 am EST

1:00 pm AST

exhibitor spotlight


9:20 am PST

10:20 am MST

11:20 am CST

12:20 pm EST

1:20 pm AST

Science & Research


Presentation in planning

Business People Applauding

10:20 am PST

11:20 pm MST

12:20 pm CST

1:20 pm EST

2:20 pm AST



Annual General Meeting of the C45 Association

Specific agenda being managed by C45 executive:

  • formal meeting proceedings as required for non-profit organizations

  • adopt the bylaws

  • election of new executive

Reach the Top

11:15 pm PST

12:15 pm MST

1:15 pm CST

2:15 pm EST

3:15 pm AST


Gratitude for joining the virtual C45 Summit.

From the team at Hempfest Canada,

we would like to thank you for your support as we shifted into the virtual world in 2021.

We hope to see you all in person in 2022!

Till then stay classy Cannabis industry.