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10 quick tips to get more from the virtual summits

The Annual General Meeting will be hosted on zoom at approximately 15 minutes past the hours for your time zone go to the agenda for more information. After the AGM we will see you all back at the summit platform.

AGM Aprox Time

11:15 am PST

12:15 pm MST

1:15 pm CST

2:15 pm EST

3:15 pm AST


To access all other summit content and networking please follow the instructions below to login and create your account. Sept. 15th & 16th

You will need to "Register a new account" and use the email that you used to register with the summit. It is very important you use the correct email otherwise access will not be granted.

For access issues please contact us

  1. See the agenda click here

  2. Network with others by clicking on their name in the chat feed, and send them a private message

  3. Introduce yourself in the chat feed. IE: "Hi, I am Sacha from Hempfest Canada I am excited to connect with everyone at the summit"

  4. Set up your profile with your name, company name, and profile image

  5. Ask a question of the speakers in the question or chat feeds

  6. Invite another guest through the chat feed to join you for face to face networking in the networking rooms tab

  7. The more you engage in the chat feed the more you will get from the summit

  8. When in the networking rooms you can grab the bar that separates the screens to change the size of the rooms to better see who is there.

  9. Click on your account name in the top right once logged in and make your profile complete.

  10. Click the networking tab to enter rooms for face to face interactions during the summit


**Remember the more you use the chat feed or the networking rooms the more you will get from the virtual summits.